Should You Choose a Freelancer of a Popular Photo Studio For Your Portfolio?

Last month I asked the question whether there was any advantage or disadvantage to using a freelance photographer versus some of the popular “photography studio houses.” Before I answer let me tell you a brief story.

A friend of a friend had visited a photo studio in London for a photo-shoot, which was offering a make over and 1 free 5×7″ print for only £25 it was a great offer so she went along. She ended up going for a portfolio of 15 images. Was she happy with the final results? No she was not. Why? Because it was not anything like the standard presented on the website.

When being explained the story and presented with the pics I asked “who was the photographer”? She didn’t know, How busy was the studio when arrived? Did you think you had time to feel at ease? (The photos showed this) So I asked a couple more questions about her experience…..

In short, often it is the case when you use the services of some photo studios you can not be sure what your final results would be so it can be an expensive gamble. Yes you may have all the studio lights twinkling in your eyes, but this is not the sole idea of a “studio shoot.”

I have to say though, that some studios are run by photographers with outstanding reputations who deliver outstanding results! These are the ones to seek out! Alternately ask a freelancer about studio work most of them will have access to work from studio.

The lesson here is to ask questions, as many as you feel necessary, if possible speak or meet with the photographer and see examples of his/her work. Discuss what you expect from the shoot in terms of your look or concepts/ideas you may have in mind. Ask about make up artists, or stylist if necessary. Just by doing this it’s surprising how smoothly a shoot can go producing the images you really want!!

In conclusion: Popular Photo Studios or Freelance Photographer?

A: It’s up to you… but do ask questions to be sure your personal requirements will be met.